Training sessions in the audience of the Institute of Radioelectronics and Information Technology.

All relations at the university are subject to statutory documents. They are laws of the Russian Federation, Government policy directives, the University Charter.

A student of UrFU has a right to get higher vocational education according to the chosen field or major. If he wants he can get extended education using different educational forms.

Educational process is organized in accordance with the curriculum. An institute is a corporate unit which conducts training in one or several related specialties (fields). The institute consists of subdepartments, laboratories that refer to its specialties and fields. General scientific and general education subdepartments take part in educational process. The institute administration coordinates all educational processes.

The institute administration reviews work of lecturers and students for compliance with the curriculum and internal rules of conduct. It executes hearing of disputed situations between lecturers and students.


The institute director transfers well-performed students from one course to another. Students and participants in a course who have not passed for courses of a current academic year cannot be transferred to the next course until they make up academic deficiencies.