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Ural Federal University consists of institutes, subdepartments, departments for subject areas. An institute is a scientific training organization unit of UrFU, which conducts specialist training in one, or several related majors (fields), a bringing-up process and runs lecturers and students’ research work. The institute consists of departments, schools and laboratories referring to its majors and education fields, general scientific and general education departments. Dean’s Office is an organization center, which manages the institute work. Dean’s Office main function is a coordinative one. An academic group is formed from students who enter the same program of study. It assigns a number. Its first digit shows the year of education and it changes during all university years. Students of the same year of study are united into a course. Every group gets a curator. The group elects a monitor who is a representative of the group when working out all administrative issues. He also keeps attendance log, etc. Educational process organization in UrFU is subject to the program of the study curriculum and a class schedule for every educational form. The class schedule which is made up at Dean’s Office takes into consideration work of many organization units of UrFU because studies take place in rooms of all institutes and organization units of the university including its library and museum. This happens while studying humanitarian subjects and general engineering disciplines. Dean’s Office reviews work of lecturers and students for compliance with the curriculum and internal rules of conduct. It executes hearing of disputed situations between lecturers and students. The institute director transfers well-performed students from one course to another. Students and participants in a course who have not passed for courses of a current academic year cannot be transferred to the next course until they make up academic deficiencies. The Dean’s Office conducts all the document flow such as orders, instructions of a rector, pro-rectors, academic services etc., and  brings to the attention of lecturers and students.

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