All relationships at the University are subject to statutory documents such as laws of the Russian Federation, Government policy directives, the University Charter.


The first thing is the Act Concerning Higher and Postgraduate Vocational Education, Model regulations on higher vocational education institution (higher education institution) of the Russian Federation, Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Vocational Education, Regulations on reserve-officer training departments etc.

A student of UrFU has a right to get higher vocational education with a chosen specialization. He can get extended education using different educational forms if desired. The main duty of the student is the study in accordance with a curriculum and meeting the requirements of UrFU internal code of conduct.



Studies at the University take place in accordance with a curriculum based on Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Vocational Education.


The curriculum includes learning different disciplines: general humanitarian, social and economic subjects; general mathematical and natural science subjects; general professional subjects; Major courses; elective courses. Obligatory interdisciplinary activities, practice, certification, and regular assessment of students (credits, term papers, and examinations) are provided. Requirements for specialist level of preparation are clearly written in the curriculum.

The student should know his special field program and understand well what is the purpose of studying this or that discipline.

Imposure of appropriate disciplinary measures up to expulsion can be applied to the student for non-performance of the Major Academic curriculum within the time limits set without sufficient reasons, breach of duty specified by Higher Educational Establishment Charter and its internal codes of conduct.

The order of expulsion is defined by the Higher Education Establishment Charter in accordance with laws of the Russian Federation.