The University is a higher education establishment which:

  • fulfils educational programs of higher vocational education and postgraduate study in many fields of study (specialties);
  • conducts training, retraining and (or) development of competence of highly trained employees, scientists and academic staff;
  • makes fundamental and applied researches for a wide range of sciences;
  • is a leading scientific and methodological center in the sphere of its field of work.

The higher education establishment consists of subdepartments and departments for subject areas and institutes for specialist majors.

The higher educational establishment can have branches, representative offices, development laboratory, postgraduate studies, internship, doctoral studies, structural divisions for additional professional education, extra-curricular activities and discipline, preparatory divisions and courses, objects of technical and amenity infrastructure, dormitories, clinical trial sites and other  subdivisions.

An institute and (or) a scientific research institute may be established at an university or academy as part of a subdivision which operates autonomous educational, scientific activity or scientific research in the frame of statutory activities of a higher educational establishment.

Educational tasks of the higher educational institution resulting from humanistic character of education, priority of universal human and moral values materialize in cooperative educative, scientific and other activity of students and staff.

Main tasks of the higher educational establishment are:

  • to satisfy needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development by means of getting higher and postgradual vocational education;
  • to satisfy needs of the society and the state in specialists with higher education and academic staff of top qualification;
  • to organize and conduct fundamental and applied scientific research and other research and technology, R&D projects including research on the problem of education;
  • to train, give a refresher course and develop competence of  specialists and administrative officers;
  • to gather, maintain and increase moral, cultural and scientific values of the cosiety;
  • to spread knowledge among people, increase their educational level and cultural intelligence.