Students of UrFU have the right:

  • to get knowledge which coincides with science, technology and culture state-of-the-art;
  • to attend all types of classes and tutorials covered by the curriculum;
  • to take part in decision making concerning UrFU activities by dint of its governing bodies and noncommercial associations;
  • to set up autonomous bodies to deal with problems concerning campus life;
  • to use the services of educational, scientific, social and domestic, medical, sports and health and other subdivisions which are in UrFU structure, its buildings and equipment;
  • to use libraries and data collections of the University for free;
  • to be on probation or specialized education on an individual plan at a foreign higher educational establishment (by the decision of UrFU Board of Studies);
  • to take part in all types of R&D works, conferences, workshops, meetings on a competitive basis, publish their works both in UrFU publishing houses and main ones with  a scientific supervisor’s recommendation  at hand;
  • to choose a certain selection of subjects within the framework determined by the curriculum and by agreement with graduate chairs and get a blue-collar occupation according to the chosen major;
  • nonresident students who need accommodation can get a room in a dormitory (subject to the availability of space);
  • to study any additional subjects (at a charge), which are taught at other higher educational establishments including  types of traineeship which are interesting for students with the permission of universities principals;
  • to take exams and credits according to the personalized time-table (ahead-of-schedule or within the bounds of an examination period) in the context of meeting the requirements of this subject course of study;
  • to study according to personalized schedules, plans and programs on the resolution of the board of studies of the faculty in order to get profound professional training or to complete a course fast-track without the change of an obligatory program and requirements to specializations of an appropriate qualification within the frames of the State Educational Standards;
  • to take part in the development of personalized schedules, plans and programs, to attend sub-faculty and board of studies meetings;
  • to draw a personalized contract  for training with interested organizations for further work  in acquired specialization;
  • to set up students’ commercial organizations and enterprises in accordance with the established procedure;
  • to transfer from UrFU to other educational establishment in a manner, determined by  the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, change modes of study and training programs, re-register for education after expulsion in accordance with this charter;
  • to appeal orders and instructions of UrFU administration as required by law.


  • to get deep expertise, knowledge and skills of modern methods of scientific research in a chosen specialty, carry out all types of tasks required by the curriculum and educational programs within the time limits set;
  • to strive for the development of general culture level, moral and physical perfection;
  • to safe property and to be liable for its damage in accordance with the established procedure, obey  the University Charter and internal rules of conduct.

Different types of moral and financial rewards for outstanding achievements in studies, sporting achievements, active participation in   research and design work, and also public life are set up and defined by the rules of internal conduct of UrFU. Among other things students can be recommended for scholarship of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.