Dormitory Accommodation





Payment of dormitori on-line :  pay.urfu.ru


Внимание Студенты

Запущен прием заявлений на поселение в общежитие на 2018-2019 учебный год.

В "Личном кабинете студента" необходимо перейти во вкладку "Все виджеты", там находится опрос «Анкета - заявление на поселение в общежитие на 2018-2019 учебный год".

Опрос доступен с 25.04.2018 по 04.05.2018!

Staff responsible for accomodation:

Gusev Oleg Aleksandrovich, Зам. директора по общим вопросам


Tel.: 8 (343) 375-97-03

Kurochkina Marina Sergeevna

Tel.: 8 (343) 375-48-99

Extracts from the minutes of the housing commission and the hiring contracts will be given in room R-330

Working hours: 9.00 - 17.00

Lunch break: 12.00-13.00

A dormitory is not a place of temporary residence, but your "second home" for the time of study at university. Treat it carefully!

There is a Student self-government - the Council of the Student Body in every dormitory. Take part in its activities!

Housing of the 1st year students is carried out to the places that are vacated by the students of the last training courses, as well as to other vacant places.

Distribution of dormitory places is carried out strictly in accordance with the Order on housing:

  • to people referred to in Part 5 of Article 36 and Part 4 of Article 39 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation" (including orphans and children left without parental care, disabled children, I and II disabled people, The disabled from childhood, students exposed to radiation due to the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and other radiation accidents, due to nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk site);
  • people taking part in local conflicts; Soldiers-internationalists;
  • nominee scholars, excellent students;
  • people actively engaged in scientific work;
  • people actively engaged in community service;
  • people who are on dispensary record (when providing documents of a state medical institution);
  • other categories of students.

Students who live in a 50-kilometer zone around Yekaterinburg (V. Pyshma, Sredneuralsk, Berezovsky, Polevskoy, Revda, Pervouralsk, Degtyarsk, etc.) cannot be given places in the dormitory.

Students of the second and senior courses will be given dorm places in the following cases:

  • absence of academic debts;
  • absence of debts for payment for accommodation in the dormitory;
  • absence of rule violations recorded by the security management.

In case the student does not satisfy at least one of the listed requirements, a dormitory place will be given on an individual basis. Remember, the university can not satisfy all students' applications for housing.

Students who have not received a place in the dormitory can apply to the UrFU Внешняя ссылка открывается в новом окнеStudents' trade union, address:19,  Mira str, Room GUK-309 or by phone (343) 375-45-18 for assistance in renting a room or apartment.