Center of Electromagnetic Measurements

The center for electromagnetic measurements conducts:


  • electromagnetic compatibility test  of technique using GOST R51318.11-2006 standards (Industrial radio interference, industrial, scientific, medical and household high-frequency devices), GOST R51317.4.3-2006 (radiated electromagnetic field immunity);
  • research  of  radio receiving and radio transmitting equipment characteristics;
  • research of antenna parameters.


Measuring operations are conducted in an acoustic chamber Rainford EMCZ which is absolutely shielded from external electromagnetic fields. (up to 100 dB within the limits of 26 GHz). Hybrid pyramid and ferritic radar absorbent materials are used in the acoustic chamber. They provide high efficiency of echoed signals absorption. The acoustic chamber is equipped with a turn-table, an antenna mast, an automatized administration system of a measurement process and video monitoring.

The acoustic chamber is in exact accordance with standards CISPR, EN and FCC. The working frequency range is 30МHz– 18 GHz.

The acoustic chamber of the center for electromagnetic measurements is certified. (GOST 50414-92).

In order to conduct measurements Rohde & Schwarz close control equipment is used. This company is one of world leaders in the development and production of communication and measurement equipment.

Detailed information on the site http://cemi.rtf.urfu.ru/