International relations

For participation in the programmes, contact Yulia Papanova,

Coordinator of international programs

Centre for International Cooperation of UrFU, Room I-436

Tel.: +7 343 375 4768; +7 343 375 4627



Начинается скачивание файла

Oleg Klyudt, a student of group P-56071, won a DAAD scholarship - the German Academic Exchange Service. On this scholarship he will study at the magistracy of the Munich Technical University. Oleg's expences on travel, training, language courses will be sponsored, a monthly scholarship of 700 euros will be provided. Начинается скачивание файлаRead more...


On May 15-19, the UrFU delegation visited Donetsk National Technical University. The structure of DonNTU includes faculties that prepare bachelors, masters and specialists in the same areas as IRIT-RTF: the department of radio engineering and special training, the faculty of computer science and technology, the faculty of computer information technologies and automation. 

Video of the visit