Cisco Innovation Center

The opening ceremony of the Center took place

July 9, 2015 at the international exhibition "INNOPROM-2015"

The center's activities are aimed at promoting innovative scientific and applied developments, demanded by business and government in the national and international markets, as well as for demonstrating Cisco technologies and creating innovative solutions based on Cisco equipment.


Director of the Center

Papulovskaya Natalia Vladimirovna



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On the basis of the Innovation Center we are developing in the field

of the Comprehensive Internet


The «iStopper» project


A hardware-software complex for informing passengers about the location of public transport.

The «smart Parking» project



The system for automated accounting and distribution of parking spaces in parking lots of major shopping centers, is designed.

The «Safe*Driver» project



The distributed self-organizing telecommunication system helps the driver to choose a safe pace and mode of movement in order to prevent traffic accidents.