Accelerated education center



Director – Timoshenko Sergei Ivanovich,

candidate of Science, associate professor

Site: http://cat.rtf.urfu.ru

E-mail: cat.rtf@remove-this.urfu.ru

Phone/Fax: (343) 295-10-05, 251-22-42

Address: Educational building № 6, 20 Chapaeva str., Yekaterinburg, Russia, 620002.

The accelerated education center (AEC) is a structural part of IRIT-RTF and conducts bachelor degree course using crash programmes (the term of apprenticeship is 3 years and 6 months).


Training college, college and university graduates can enter this programme. The reduction of apprenticeship occurs because of partial revalidation of subjects, which have been previously studied at an educational institution. This allows a student to save time and money.

When our students enter the University they already have clear life landmarks. They need to learn how to cope with specific professional problems, broaden their competence circle, solve problems of personal career development and sometimes get a new profession. That’s why we have chosen education types which allow on the job study. They are:

–      evening classes (two academic days a week, one day is Saturday or Sunday);

–      extramural (two examination periods per year).

Support of educational process is aimed at creation of favorable circumstances for working students’ education. Students are united into separate academic groups. Different active forms of education, distance learning and monitoring systems are used. The center is equipped with modern computers and armamentarium. There is a vast base of adaptive teaching developments.

The AEC is a successor of the Accelerated Education Faculty, UrFU (former USTU - UPI) and its 29-year working experience in implementation of higher education programmes in accelerated periods.

Our teaching staff is very knowledgeable about peculiarities of their student body: advantages of their first education and the ins and outs of combining work with studies.

The principles of our work are flexibility, individual approach and commitment to results.

This year the acceptance of students in AEC is carried out only on a contract base. We have the following training programmes:

–        09.03.04 “Software engineering” (evening classes and extramural);

–        09.03.01 “Information and computer science” (evening classes);

–        10.03.01 “Information Security” (evening classes);

–        11.03.01 “Radioengineering” (extramural);

–        11.03.02 “Information and computer scienceInfotelecom Technologies and Communication Systems” (evening classes).

There is a special master degree program for bachelors and licentiates in our center. It is 09.04.04 training program “Software engineering”.