Student Hub of High Technology

Director - Chernykh Oleg Avitisovich,


Phone: +7 905-800-74-70

Address: Р-046, 32 Mira str., Yekaterinburg, Russia, 620002.

The student hub of high technology was established in IRIT – RTF as a scientific training center that can conduct a full operating cycle in the sphere of communications electronic equipment production. The center activity is focused on the promotion of modern design technology, production and programming of radioelectronic devices.


Services that we offer: 

  • Individual and team teaching to methods of design, production, programming and quality control of radioelectronic devices;
  • Provision of the center equipment for laboratory classes, term thesis and graduate thesis conduction;
  • Provision of services in the sphere of printed circuit boards assembly, design and production of wireless devices;
  • Programming of electronic computing machines including STMicroelectronics, Atmel, Texas Instruments micro controllers and others;
  • Automation of technological processes and radio equipment parameter measurement using National Instruments technologies;
  • 3D model construction using FDM printing technology with the help of 3D printers;
  • Scientific and technical consulting regarding technologies and design of radioelectronic and electronic computing machines;
  • Conduction of scientific-research collaborative operations.