The center of navigation equipment testing (GPS/GLONASS)



The center equipment is intended for a wide range of problem solving which is connected with GPS/GLONASS navigation equipment development and testing. The basis of the laboratory consists of the navigation signal simulator Spirent GSS6700 (№64107-16 in the State register of measuring equipment) and the writer-reader system of real navigation signals Spirent GSS6400. The center facilities have the best accuracy, certainty and reliability factors in their class (pseudorange accuracy is ±0,002 m,
pseudovelocity accuracy is ±0,001 m/s).

The center organizes the following types of work:

  • Performance testing and measurement of GPS / GLONASS navigation receivers’ technical parameters (accuracy of coordinate setting: velocity, sensitivity, immunity, etc.) in a static regime and at navigation system motion simulation in planes, rackets, ships, cars. Terminal parameters of functioning are: peak velocity is 10 km/h, peak acceleration is 45g.
  • Research of navigation equipment taking into account real-time use (hindrance existence, receiving set blanketing by surface facilities, multipath wave propagation, etc.)
  • Verification of GPS / GLONASS navigation equipment.
  • Testing of navigation receivers different samples by the procedures GOST R55539-2013 and their benchmarking analysis.