Research Medical and Biological Engineering Center of High Technologies




Head - Kublanov Vladimir Semenovich, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

site: bioeng.rtf.urfu.ru

e-mail:  v.s.kublanov@remove-this.urfu.ru

Тel.: (343) 375-94-64

Address:  620078, Yekaterinburg, 66a Komsomolskaya street.


The objectives of MBECHT:


- Ensuring problem-oriented research and development (R&D) of new breakthrough technologies in the field of life support and human and animal protection systems, ecological and extreme medicine methods, and health monitoring technologies.

- Ensuring R&D in the field of new technologies of rehabilitative medicine with methods of controlled vegetative regulation by functional and psychoemotional processes with the help of focused physical fields.

- Ensuring scientific research on new breakthrough technologies of bioengineering, cellular and bioinformational technologies in the field of angiogenesis and tissue regeneration.

- Ensuring R&D of new diagnostic systems, medical equipment and biomedical technologies using modern microelectronic systems, tissue bioengineering and information technologies.

- Ensuring the development of new methods for processing biomedical signals, processing and recognition of images in medical tasks, including methods for identifying physiological patterns and developing new medical technologies.

- Ensuring the organization and conduct of preclinical scientific research on medical devices, medical equipment and medical techniques.

- Ensuring the development and implementation of new medical equipment and medical technologies as part of the national program "Health" and the technological platform "Medicine of the Future".

- Developing a laboratory base for the educational process, ensuring interaction and integration with the medical university.

- Improving the educational level of specialists, bachelors, masters, post-graduate students, attendees, applicants, etc. in perspective fields of radio electronics and information processing by implementing modern bioengineering technologies in the educational process.

- Ensuring the implementation of measures for the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases.

- Ensuring scientific research aimed at improving the health of students and university staff.



MBECHT is a structural subdivision of the IRIT-RtF and educates masters on the program 09.04.02 Information systems and technologies of functional diagnostics and neurorehabilitation on a non-tuition and tuition basis (education lasts for 2 years).



The aim of the master's program is to educate engineers of international level for new innovative productions in the field of design and development of systems and technologies for human functional diagnostics and neurorehabilitation.


Professional areas for the program graduates:

- Information systems and technologies in the field of functional diagnostics and neurorehabilitation;

- Development, implementation and operation of information systems and technologies in science and production;

- Development of devices, systems, and medical software;

- Research and modeling of information processes and technologies;

- Development of computer vision systems and digital signal processing;

- Development of brain-computer interfaces (BCI).